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Reviews of casual board games.

What do you get if you mix cards, throw in a dash of colorful artwork, a pinch of drafting, and top it off with an enticing blue ribbon? Carroll County Cake Swap!

Can you place your piece on a spinning platform? How about stacking on a second piece while only holding it with a pair of chopsticks?

The Game of Trains is all about lining up your train cards in the proper order. But your opponents might put a spoke in your wheel with a well-timed card ability.

Industry is booming and towns are growing. Will you be a wily raccoon tycoon and take advantage of the boom to make your fortune and help the cities expand?

Hedgehogs eat frogs and frogs eat flies. Maybe you can score big by playing a frog to nab the many flies on the board, but another player might guess what you’re after and play a hedgehog to eat your frog!

Inoka is a card game that is all about outguessing the other players. Prepare for battle and clash with your opponents to earn sacred stones and gain the victory.

Deduce, bluff, trade, and hopefully find a cure, in Antidote — a card game in which players are researches trying desperately to find the antidote for a toxin they’ve all been infected with.

Prince Mochi seeks Princess Tofu, but the Pudding Empire plots against him and Queen Tofu wants the prince for herself! What’s a mochi to do?

Players create their own personal character and take them through the zombie apocalypse in the newest Legacy game, currently on Kickstarter.

You want to be an evil overlord, but with the four creature factions refusing to fight alongside each other, you’re going to have to pick a side and trade your way into a fighting force that can wipe out the others.