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Reviews of casual board games.

From the waterways of Venice and a magic show full of twists and turns, to the search for El Dorado and the Egyptian desert — four Deckscape releases bring four new widely different themes, stories, and puzzles.

Compete in real time to create paths across multiple sectors while collecting coins and avoiding obstacles in this board game interpretation of the popular mobile game.

Knock down barrels and strategically move opponents down the lengthy dock in this 2019 Kinderspiel des Jahres winner from HABA.

Will the rabbit score? Will the walrus block the way? Or the moose clear a path for the penguin? Zoo Ball blends animals with sports and dexterity, in a rules-light game that plays quickly.

Divide your kingdom among the noble families, attract dignitaries in order to score points, and compete for the right to cast magical spells!

From frustrated to optimistic, outraged to overjoyed, or shocked to bored, Block Happy features the whole gamut of emotions.

Pirate Penelope is creating a run, but watch out, Dapper Dog brings cannons out on to the field to break her ranks!

Pepperoni, anchovies, cheese, and sausage. Which toppings will you choose? In New York Slice, one player slices the pizza and the other players choose their portions.

Legendary board game designer pair Michael Kiesling and Wolfgang Kramer urge players to become adventurers on the hunt for victory points in this grid movement puzzle.

Can you crack the clues to find the buried treasure? Will you beat your opponents to its location? In Treasure Island, players are trying to find the treasure before Long John Silver escapes and makes it to his treasure first.