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Brain Games

A new game about cats in space has been announced, Brain Games has a new dice game in the works, and Board Game Quest has published a list of their favorite games of the year.

Brain Games has announced a new dexterity game, AEG and Flatout Games have released Fit to Print, and Hasbro has announced a new dexterity spin-off of Monopoly.

The makers of Trekking the World have a new game on Kickstarter, as does the creative team behind Exploding Kittens. There’s also a retro-inspired roll-and-write, a domino-like strategy game, and a clever dexterity game themed around ninjas.

Brain Games brings to the table a challenging, cooperative puzzle party game that also features an engaging competitive mode.

The snowmen are ready for a race! Can you construct one and push it to the North Pole before your opponents?

One player takes on the role of the mummy and hunts down the penguin treasure hunters. Will the mummy capture them all or will one intrepid hunter make it out with the loot?

The Game of Trains is all about lining up your train cards in the proper order. But your opponents might put a spoke in your wheel with a well-timed card ability.

Hedgehogs eat frogs and frogs eat flies. Maybe you can score big by playing a frog to nab the many flies on the board, but another player might guess what you’re after and play a hedgehog to eat your frog!

Ice Cool 2 has been announced, Asmodee has acquired Mayfair Games, and Cabot is hosting a board game cooking contest.

dV Giochi has announced some new games, this year’s Kinderspiel des Jahres winner has been named, and Gamewright releases Qwingo.