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Card games

Nine stones mark the border between your Scottish village and your opponent’s. It’s time to move those stones, but in which direction?

Will you craft a whale? Or use it to make yourself a rabbit? Which creature’s power will serve you best right now while also scoring big during the end game?

Collect pigments, manuscripts, and forbidden tomes, as you compete to create the most splendid monastery library in Medieval Europe.

Each player is mayor of their own village, which has unfortunately become infested with werewolves. Try to rid your town of them, or at least have fewer than your opponents, in order to win the game.

The library is ablaze and books of magic and myth are threatened by the raging fire. Save all the literature you can in this press-your-luck game. 

From Sushi Go and Imhotep designer Phil Walker-Harding comes a brand new flip-and-write game of seeking buried treasure.

Pride, greed, lust, envy, gluttony, wrath, and sloth — you will have to use them, and maybe a little virtue, if you wish to win this game.

Is there more red on this card than on that one? It should be an easy question — but it’s not when optical illusions are at play.

You are the best chicken scientists in your field! Unfortunately, while working on time travel, you accidentally ended up stuck in a time vortex (it could happen to anyone). The good news: there is a way out. The bad news: only one chicken can take it.

Face down a fearsome wyvern or vile jinn with only your words to protect you, in this unique blend of genres.