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Party Games

Cooperative, competitive, or teams. Why choose only one when you can have all three? Gamewright’s game of finding matches and racing against other players features three different game modes and some truly zany patterns.

Someone has died and everyone wants to inherit! But you’ll have to make your case and sway the estate keeper if you hope to bring home the loot.


Have you ever just wanted to toss a burrito at someone? Now you can in the real-time party game Throw Throw Burrito.

The volcano is erupting and the island is in danger! Can you work together to save all the inhabitants, human and non-human alike?

Shuffle the cards, put them in the bag, and start drawing! How many cards can you get your team to guess in thirty seconds?

Do players keep forgetting the rules of a game? Go out of turn? Or do you simply want to penalize the losers? Have them draw a card and perform a consequence!

You have a most peculiar problem. Your loved ones want you to stop. But no one exactly wants to put it into words!

You seek to join King Arthur’s round table, but how will you do so with only an anxious flight attendant, a world-class food critic, and a Polaroid camera to help you on your way?

Molly Zeff, designer of Wing It, shares her top 5 favorite party games that have a unique game design.

Let your inner sculptor shine! Create various figures, animals, and shapes out of clay and hope others will figure out what they are, only not too fast or you won’t get any points.