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Party Games

Inspired by classic RPG adventures, Dungeon Party is a light, dexterity-based party game played with coasters and coins.

Work together for your own survival — but your alliances will be shaky when only a few, if any, will be able to survive the global destruction.

Swing, bump, and spin in your quest to be one groovy funky chicken! Funky Chicken certainly features some clever packaging, putting its deck of cards inside a cloth chicken bag that looks pretty groovy. But does it play as fun as it looks?

Play it cool! They don’t know you’re the chameleon hiding among them. At least not yet! The Chameleon is a social deduction party game about trying to blend in without getting caught.

How far will you go to get out of a work event? Would you tell your boss that you’ve just been arrested? That you’re stuck in a tree? There’s a hitman out after you?

From the waterways of Venice and a magic show full of twists and turns, to the search for El Dorado and the Egyptian desert — four Deckscape releases bring four new widely different themes, stories, and puzzles.

Can you think of a person or character that is childlike, scary, and energetic? How about animated, rich, and glamorous?

As a ghost, give nonverbal clues to your teammates to help them solve your murder in Paranormal Detectives by Lucky Duck Games. Plus: party games, Gen Con and Origins 2019, streamlining your gaming experience, and an interview with Floodgate Games.

Can you take a squiggle and turn it into a judge? How about a doodle and make it look like a farm? Happy Little Accidents is all about turning mistakes into masterpieces.

Can you draw a cowboy quickly? Can you draw a cowboy so that he doesn’t look like a pirate? And what’s that other player drawing? Is it a knight or a fencer?