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November 2018

Gamewright has a new game out, Strawberry Studio has announced a new card game, and Days of Wonder is running a giveaway for three copies of The River.

Time to tap into your inner evil genius as you vie for inventions, minions, and precious supplies that will bring your ideas to life.

This deck builder will take you on an adventure across the high seas as you plunder merchant ships and sail into port to trade goods and recruit shipmates. Race to capture a Spanish treasure galleon and be crowned the pirate king.

From The Travellers Tour in 1822 all the way to Kickstarter games in 2010 and Gloomhaven in 2017, this infographic sums up the history of board gaming in North America.

Do you get headaches or feel anxiety when you use Board Game Geek? Do you enter the site hoping to find a fun new game, but run away feeling too overwhelmed to continue? You're not alone.

Floodgate Games has announced three new expansions for Sagrada, Z-Man Games has a new card game for pre-order, and Mice and Mystics may be getting a film adaptation.