March 2019 | Casual Game Revolution

March 2019

WizKid has announced two new games, Indie Boards and Cards is releasing Conflicting Legends in the US, and the 2018 Golden Geek Awards have been announced.

Precious Cargo is a two-player pick up and deliver game in which players move back and forth between two countries, picking up goods and taking them to be sold.

A Die Hard themed board game has been announced, a new social deduction game has been released, and Sand Castle Games releases Res Arcana.

Forbidden Sky puts players miles in the air on a dangerous platform as the winds rage around them and they race to prepare a rocket for takeoff.

Adorable wizard kittens are taking over Kickstarter this month, and not one but two games involve food fights. The month also brings an abstract board game with unique movement rules and a civilization game that can be played in thirty minutes.

CGE has announced a new cooperative word game, CMON and Asmodee have announced a distribution deal, and Plaid Hat Games will be releasing Quirky Circuits.

The three little pigs are retired, and you are competing to inherit their role of royal builders of the Grimm Forest!

Snap the pieces together and build the multi-level game board. But it’s not just the board that is customizable!

Hairpin turns, screeching tires, collisions, near misses, and a race to the finish!

Renegade Game Studios has announced a new roll and write and released a new speed game, while My First Castle Panic has hit stores.