March 2020 | Casual Game Revolution

March 2020

The latest from Scott Caputo is a real-time tile placement game where players are challenged with meeting goals by crafting their own colorful cities.

WizKids has announced a new pinball roll-and-write, IELLO has released King of Tokyo: Dark Edition early, and several companies are releasing free game content.

Merlin has invited you to a competition of wizards. Capture chimeras and enclose centaurs, in a competition of wit and strategy.

Each player is mayor of their own village, which has unfortunately become infested with werewolves. Try to rid your town of them, or at least have fewer than your opponents, in order to win the game.

A brand new game in the Villainous line has been announced, IELLO has released Flyin’ Goblin, and The Enigma Emporium has made their puzzle game, Wish You Were Here, available for free download.

Dark forces are gathering at the citadel. Will you gather a band of companions and set out for victory? Or will you be met by defeat?

Despite the raging Coronavirus pandemic, some great games are up for funding on Kickstarter this month — offering mysteries, social deduction, and a chance to explore the world at your game table.

The library is ablaze and books of magic and myth are threatened by the raging fire. Save all the literature you can in this press-your-luck game. 

From Sushi Go and Imhotep designer Phil Walker-Harding comes a brand new flip-and-write game of seeking buried treasure.

Pride, greed, lust, envy, gluttony, wrath, and sloth — you will have to use them, and maybe a little virtue, if you wish to win this game.