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The inhabitants of the villages surrounding a dormant volcano were happily living in peace until — KABOOM! — the old volcano sprung back to life, unleashing rivers of molten lava in every direction and blasting volcanic rock into the sky. The villages, now faced with destruction, must do whatever they can to protect their homes from the incoming surge of lava. Your village is about to burn up — can you take the heat?

In Eruption, players direct lava from the volcano at the center of the island toward the surrounding villages. If lava enters a village, it will heat up and eventually burn. Occasionally, lava will spring up from anywhere on the island and cause even more devastation! To hold back the lava, players can build walls of various materials or play cards to rotate, replace, and remove lava tiles as well as cool down and fortify their own villages. After the volcano has finished erupting, the player whose village is at the lowest temperature wins!

Eruption is the 2013 GAMES Magazine Family Game Runner Up and has been highly acclaimed by many board game reviewers:

"As good as it gets...Stratus Games has got a hit on their hands." - Father Geek

"Eruption is just plain fun...[it] bridges gap between different styles of gamers and even different age ranges. A hit on all accounts." - MTV Geek

"Not only is this game engaging, but it's eye-catching." - On Board Games Podcast

"Eruption is a blast...there's something here that will appeal to a broad base of people." - I Slay the Dragon

"A beautiful game in terms of production and a very solid, fun game...highly recommended!" - EndersGame on Board Game Geek

"It’s fast and fun, it looks’s simple to learn and teach but it allows for tactical and strategic decisions." - Unboxed

"This is a fun game that can be enjoyed by both families and cutthroat gamers...It's definitely worth a look. Thumbs up." - Fortress AT

"Eruption has all the elements of a great family game." - Games and Grub

Enter below for a chance to win a brand new copy of Eruption for yourself! Retail value: $45

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Gypsi's picture

From watching the tutorial, Eruption looks like a wonderful game!  It's beautiful, too--and the fact that the pieces are wood instead of plastic means it will not wear out quickly.  Thanks for highlighting this game!

Gypsi's picture

Looks like a really fun game.

Chris Cormier
Gypsi's picture

I LOVE the look of this game.  I LOVE the theme.  Of all the game contests I've entered over the years, this is one that I want to win THE MOST!  Looks like a really fun game!

Gypsi's picture

Its a cool looking game, that I'd love to win.

Mark P
Gypsi's picture

I only have casual gamers in my family, so this looks like a good fit.  I'd love to win it.

Jason Lees
Gypsi's picture

I just love volcanoes. It's probably the amateur geologist in me, but having a theme with anything volcanoey is an auto-draw for me. A great game on top of a catchy theme? An obvious winner in my book.

Mike Crummel
Gypsi's picture

Looks like a really fun and easy game.

J. Riddell
Gypsi's picture

I've heard some good things about this one. I hope I win.

Gypsi's picture

I anticipate being the target in this game - I always am.  Good luck.

Gypsi's picture

Looks pretty, but it also sounds like a mean game.  And while stone walls are reasonable, I question all other ways to redirect the volcano.  I wish there was a coop variant.

Kaci Harrison
Gypsi's picture

I think it looks like a game my son and daughters would just love!!

Misty Battle
Gypsi's picture

Looks like a really fun game I can play with my kids :)

Karen Ang
Gypsi's picture

It looks like a challenging game but fun

Amelia Drew
Gypsi's picture

This game looks like a great one for adult game night!

Julie LeBouthillier
Gypsi's picture

Saw this game on a dice tower video looks like fun! 

Erica C.
Gypsi's picture

It looks like fun.

This looks great - Amy would love this game - thanks for the chance!

Candie L
Gypsi's picture

I love the concept.  thank you

The game looks great! Thanks for the opportunity!

Nicole Lancaster
Gypsi's picture

Eruption looks like a fun and interesting game to play. I think my whole family would enjoy it on our family game nights.

Crystal Rose
Gypsi's picture

It looks like fun. My family and I love games like this.