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News Flash: Azul Summer Pavilion Released, Marvel Splendor Announced

Azul: Summer Pavilion

Azul: Summer Pavilion Now Out
The newest game in the Azul line, was released late last month. “"Fans will immediately recognize the core Azul style drafting but will be intrigued by the new scoring mechanisms based on set collection and pattern building. Players will also appreciate the new style tiles found in the box – elongated diamonds and stunning player and scoring boards. Azul: Summer Pavilion is a feast for the mind and eyes!"

Marvel Splendor Announced
A new version of Splendor has been announced, with a Marvel theme. “Marvel Splendor is a re-implementation of Splendor with Marvel theming and slightly tweaked rules.”

Mini Expansions from Z-Man Games
Z-Man Games has announced mini expansions for five of their games, out in time for the holidays. “Get a stocking-sized gift for the gamer in your life or treat yourself with some new content for your collection. With expansions for Cacao, First Class, NMBR 9, Stone Age, and The Voyages of Marco Polo, there’s a little something for everyone.”

WizKids Announces Ettin
Ettin is a team based drafting game, and is expected to be released in the Spring of 2020. “In this fast-paced strategy game, players form teams of two and battle against enemy teams over three Ages, drafting cards with their allies on one side and their enemies on the other. At the end of each Age, a War takes place, and players fight their enemies for Victory Points. At the end of the third Age, the team with the most Victory Points wins the game!”

Night of the Living Dead, Board games and Copyrights
CMON, which is currently kickstarting a Night of the Living Dead themed Zombicide, has posted an interview with two of the producers from the movie about copyright and public domain issues which surrounded the film. “Without Night of the Living Dead, there would be no Zombicide.”

USAopoly Releases Bob’s Burgers Belcher Family Food Fight
A ‘roll and fling’ game, Bob’s Burgers Belcher Family Food Fight is inspired by Astro Trash. “Roll the dice to determine what to grab-and-go without sparing a second. Then get rid of all your food to prove you’re the fastest hands on the line!”

Vast: The Mysterious Manor (Board Game Quest): “Vast is a good game but could have its rules enhanced for better learning/setup times.”

Paranormal Detectives (GeekDad): “It’s a clever mix of deduction and a party game—the ghost especially needs to be willing to be a little silly, and even if the subject matter is grim, the question-and-answer process can lead to a lot of laughs.”

Trapper Keeper (iSlaytheDragon): “If you’re seeking a lightweight, family-friendly set collection game that plays quickly yet offers decent decisions, this might be the game for you.”