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Next Move Games

Next Move Games has announced Maui, Blue Orange Games has released Downtown Farmers Market, and Days of Wonder has announced a new standalone Ticket to Ride game.

Lookout Games is releasing a new edition of card game Family Business, Asmodee is releasing Azul: Queen’s Garden this April, and Calliope has announced Tsuro: Luxury Limited Edition.

Next Move Games has released a new Azul game, a Marvel themed version of Splendor has been announced, and Z-Man Games is releasing some new mini expansions.

Next Move Games has announced the next Azul game, Tasty Minstrel is releasing two new games this month, and USAopoly (The Op) has announced a new party game.

Reef is a puzzle that will ask you to plan ahead and consider each choice you make and how you stack your pieces. From beautiful box art to lovely components, the game lacks nothing in presentation. But how does it play?

Gamewright has announced a slew of new games for later in the year, Next Move Games has a new card game in the works, and Renegade Game Studios has announced a new solo dice game.

Next Move Games has announced a new board game, Sagrada will be getting a digital adaptation, and Reykholt is available for pre-order.

The winner of this year’s Spiel des Jahres has been announced, Munchkin Side Quests is available for pre-order, and Scott King's 2019 Gaming Calendar has hit Kickstarter.

dV Giochi has announced several new games, Wonder Forge’s new game will put you in the role of Disney villains, and Barnes & Noble is hosting game night.

Renegade Game Studios has announced a new game, Plan B Games has created a new publishing and design studio, and Board Game Geek has announced a new show.