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The latest news about the Casual Game Revolution program and the board game industry.

Despite games with deadly themes, this month’s roundup features several family games as well as one quirky, dexterity marble surfing game.

Game Salute has released an expansion for Marrying Mr. Darcy, Days of Wonder’s Five Tribes is now available for pre-order, and new website Tabledom has been released to help connect gamers.

In case you haven't seen our many announcements on social media and elsewhere, this week we launched a Kickstarter campaign to gather support for our 3rd year of Casual Game Insider. Not only are we hoping to continue production of the magazine, but we also will be expanding onto mainstream newsstands — a huge undertaking!

Mayfair Games has released Bedpans and Broomsticks: Escape From Shady Pines, Asmodee has announced two new expansions for Timeline, and Tasty Minstrel Games will be releasing their first co-op game.

New casual games from Blue Orange Games, Stronghold Games now accepting pre-orders for three new games, Cryptozoic announces The Hobbit: And Unexpected Journey Deck Building for July.

Several new editions of Love Letter are set to be released by AEG and Cryptozoic Entertainment, the 2014 Origins Award winners have been announced, and a new game from first time publishers Green Couch Games.

Forward, march! The Casual Game Revolution continues onward. We are proud to announce a new Casual Game Insider distribution deal with Ingram Periodicals, who serves over 6,000 newsstands across North America!

Z-Man Games announces Contagion, AEG and Steve Jackson Games to release Munchkin Loot Letter, and three new games from Game Salute.

A complete look at the 2014 ASTRA Marketplace & Academy for casual gamers. We have weeded through all of the toys and dolls to find the casual gaming gems — so you don't have to.