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Reviews of casual board games.

A huge, terrifying monster has arisen and is wreaking havoc across the island, as the volcano erupts and terror reigns! Can the players band together to save the day?

Lay down rail and help plot the highway, making connections and reaching exits to maximize your points as the dice determine the routes you must take.

Reveal cards one at a time, either from the table or players' hands, searching for sets of three. But you can only reveal the highest or lowest card from a hand, and if you reveal a card that doesn’t match, your turn immediately ends.

Explore an underground cavern and identify strange new, fantastical creatures to complete contracts all in the name of science!

Roll for doubloons or walk the plank! Attack other pirates or push for the rare Blackbeard’s Curse, in this push-your-luck dice game of loot-hungry pirates.

This compact little party game is all about writing out lists, and including things that you think other players have — and have not — thought of.

Roll the dice and claim a mine. End your turn to play it safe, or risk busting and roll again in hopes of claiming more or even stealing one from another player!

Jostle for souls and don’t allow the other players to get away with too many, in this soulful game of reaping and take-that.

Be the first to run outside and come back in, or to sing Twinkle Twinkle Little Star! Complete the requirements and grab a card. Grab the most cards after 10 rounds to win the game.

A trivia game that’s all about choosing your own comfort level with each topic. How well do you think you know vegetables, Harry Potter, or magazines?