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CGI#41: Flamecraft, Ethics of Gaming, 2022 Conventions, and Thames & Kosmos

In Flamecraft by Lucky Duck Games, enter a world of tiny artisan dragons who enchant their town with skilled handiwork.

Plus: experiences and highlights from Gen Con and Origins 2022, ethics and unspoken rules at the gaming table, playing the long game in Azul, the 2022 LUCI Game Design Awards, the 200-year timeline of Thames & Kosmos, and a FREE print-and-play game: Pencil Park + "Cairoll" expansion by Daniel Solis. Our readers also discuss which games have their favorite artwork.

This issue features reviews of CanvasLast Defense!Downtown Farmers MarketSo, You've Been Eaten.Phantom InkPower FailureOh My Ring!, and a special review of Kabuto Sumo by Major Fun.

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Fall 2022
Justin Spicer, Josher Lumpkin, Bayard Catron, Pete Mesling, Natalie Rodriguez, Naomi Laeuchli, Stephen Conway
Rob F.
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Looks like another great issue!

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Will definely read it--looks great

Leon Loo
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Good coverage of Flamecraft

Nicole McKinney
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I love reading about new games.
S Tabor
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I'm new here and I want to say thank you for such an awesome magazine, my fiance and I are having a great time get our wedding registry full of games based off what you showcase!

Kelly VanAuken
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I liked the AZUL strategy.

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Super excited for Flamecraft!

Carole H
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Ty for the giveaway

Shari Forrest
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I love the Long Game article about Azul. I can't wait to dive in and read it all!

Elijah Enoch Johnson
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Have to check out Flamecraft sometime.
Audrey M.
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Appreciate the bit of coverage on Covid in GenCon!
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These articles are interesting to read, and I appreciate that there's more than just game reviews.

Gaming ethics sounds interesting.

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Matt B
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CGR is a great way to keep up with new games and gaming information.

Paul Sponaugle
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Always enjoy reading CGI.  It's a great mag.

Jeffrey Young
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Flamecraft looks like such a great game. 

Thanay Binford
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looks like good, just ordered mine

Mike McOmber
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Looks like some fun games this issue!

Deborah Jean Wi...
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This looks so interesting Dragons galore of fun and creativity
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We love playing Flamecraft!

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The unspoken rules article is excellent. Understanding gamer etiquette can improve skills as a game night host or attendee

Ken S
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First issue I've gotten and loved it.  Made me wish I'd backed Flamecraft and now I need to find it.

E Gustwick
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Looking forward to learning more about the games in this issue!

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Great magazine

Zachary Hicks
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The dragons are adorable.
Nathan Ware
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The ethics and rules at the gaming table article sounds interesting.

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Gen-Con, the graying giant of US games conventions.

Jordan Binkerd
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Looks like a good read!
Dave R
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Thanks for the giveaway!

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You really need to run a giveaway where you give a subscription to the winner.

Christel Elliott
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cant wait to read this

Pete Donegan
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I loved Kabuto Sumo. Such a simple game with interesting mechanics. Great filler game
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Interesting, but my partner would never play Azul with me again if I played that much better!

Michelle Smith
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Thank you for sharing. i am not much a "gamer" but I try to find things to do with the grandkids. 

Olivia F
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Aaaaaa the dragons on the front are so cute

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New here, but this looks super cute!

Phylicia Russell
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Looks cool!

Joshua from Ohio
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I have added this magazine to my Christmas wishlist : )

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Looks great!
This sounds like such A wonderful game and it sounds fun and like it would hold my attention for hours.
Sean Thorpe
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Excited to check out the latest on Flamecraft