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CGI#5: Flash Point, the Spiel des Jahres, and Holiday Gaming

Flash Point: Fire Rescue expansions make the original game even better.

Plus: a behind-the-scenes look at the Spiel des Jahres award and a review of Hanabi, 15 things to consider when choosing games for the holidays, how the recommended age label is misleading people everywhere, and a look back at the first 40 years of Realm, a classic abstract game by a prolific designer.

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Fall 2013
Chris James, Matt Thrower, Rey Armenteros, Jonathan Albin, Mike Friesen
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Very slick and professional looking!

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The holiday gift guide would be very helpful, now that the holidays are almost here.

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nice, wish i could subscribe to this mag

Nicole Lancaster
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I really love the holiday game guide in the new issue. Very useful for holiday gift buying.

Dave Blizzard
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Sounds like an interesting issue.

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The new issue looks great!  The holiday guide would be very helpful.

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I always fight to know which are the best games to play in holidays.. this will be helpful.. :)

Aaron Williams
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Maybe someday i'll consume the Magazine pdf!

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I like the look of the magazine and look forward to picking it up.

J. Riddell
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A magazine for fans of casual games. Great idea!

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Looks like a nice magazine.

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Looking great! Keep up the great work!

Peter Schott
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Holiday Gaming sounds like a very timely article. It's one of the times I get to play a few more games as the kids occupy themselves a bit more. :)

Audrey Torres
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Perfect issue for the holidays!

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I backed the magazine for its 2nd year Kickstarter campaign, and I'm glad I did. The pdf looks great, and most of the articles are interesting. I wish there were more complete reviews, though. Also it would be nice if the magazine could have monthly issues.


Keep up the good work! :)

Can't wait to get my Kickstarter package of Flash Point!!!!!!!

Looks like a great issue.  As always :)

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Looks great!

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Love it!

Chris Cormier
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Gonna put Casual Game Insider on my Christmas List!

Justin E.
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Looks awesome!

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Best issue!

Marlene Wellard
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Very professionallooking. I love the extent that this magazine goes to to really inform the consumer about cool new games. 

S. H.
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Loves it :)

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looks like a wonderful issue

Ark Addams
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I was so excited when I received this in the mail.  Excellent Magazine!

Allyson Becker
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Holiday gift guide is a must for everyone.

Andrew Domonkos
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Pretty awesome idea for a magazine, might have to get this.

Rey Armenteros
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It looks great!

Jonathan Nelson
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Very cool looking cover.  Looks awesome!