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A Rapid Review of Square Shooters

Square Shooters
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Stronghold Games releases a new line of casual card games - is this a new direction for them? Plus: details about the Casual Game Revolution, 7 tips for learning and teaching a game more effectively, what "casual" means to game elitists and newbies, and how casual games were perfect for an international student event. More »

Playing cards on dice? Yes, please! Square Shooters breathes new life into the familiar game of Poker by creating 9 dice that have been cleverly designed to allow for the rolling of most common Poker hands. These dice form the basis of the Square Shooters game, which includes a standard set of rules in which players attempt to roll the hand displayed on a “target” card with up to 3 rolls of the dice. Special “shootout” cards, when drawn, add some spice and additional choices to the game. There are also several variations on the original game and other card games, such as Rummy, included in the box.

In the deluxe box, I found the components to be of good quality, with large, hefty dice and a sturdy dice cup that stores the dice, chips, and cards. The small size of the cards makes them difficult to shuffle and handle, but the extra portability of keeping them stored in the cup is a bonus. In all, Square Shooters is a fun casual game that offers a twist on a familiar classic that is good for anyone who enjoys rolling a handful of dice.

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Saw this other day at Target. was tempted to pick it up. Might go ahead and do so now since my FLGS doesn't carry it.