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Blue Orange Games

Explore the lagoon, gather resources, build villages, and lay claim to the islands! Blue Lagoon is an area control game played in two phases.

Divide your kingdom among the noble families, attract dignitaries in order to score points, and compete for the right to cast magical spells!

The dragon’s lair is full of gold but it will take brains, bravery, and nerve to make off with any of the plundered loot.

The volcano is erupting and the island is in danger! Can you work together to save all the inhabitants, human and non-human alike?

Blue Orange’s new game of creation and combination, Mindblock is about creating sets from the blocks in your hand and those on the table.

The Mensa Select Winners have been announced, Blue Orange Games has released Planet, and the 2019 Origins Awards Nominees have been announced.

Our Big Box O' Games Giveaway is back! Help us celebrate our Summer 2018 release of Casual Game Insider and our 7th year Kickstarter campaign by entering to win these six brand new games.

Prince Mochi seeks Princess Tofu, but the Pudding Empire plots against him and Queen Tofu wants the prince for herself! What’s a mochi to do?

Calliope Games has announced The Mansky Caper, BoardGameGeek’s annual advent calendar is now available to order, and Blue Orange Games has released a holiday gift guide.

Eat up all the sushi you can and score big in a card drafting game that’s sure to leave you hungry. At first glance Sushi Daft may remind you of a certain other game that involves card drafting and yummy sushi artwork, but does it manage to stand on its own?