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Blue Orange Games

Can you come up with a one-word clue for joy and snail? How about for horse and earth? In this cooperative word game, that’s exactly what you may have to do.

Take turns building your pie, piece by piece, keeping an eye out for scoring combinations and decorations.

Big G Creative has released a new party game, the winners of this year’s Origins Awards have been announced, and Cthulhu is coming to King of Tokyo.

How far can you make your money go? Tear off pieces and find out! Will you be able to cover more objects than your opponents before it’s all gone?

Join the cupcake academy and complete logic puzzles, while all working together against a seven-minute timer.

Who will be the new head of the family? Bid on plots of land, mines, and the family ranch — the player with the most money at the end of the game will lead the family.

IELLO has announced a new strategy game, meanwhile Gamewright and Blue Orange Games have both released some print and plays, and The Op (USAopoly) has announced the next game in their Rising line.

Renegade Game Studios has announced a new card drafting game, while the Golden Geek Awards Nominees have been announced and are open for voting. This has also been another week of game companies releasing free content to help people during this difficult time, from a solo game from Czech Games Edition to free KeyForge decks from Fantasy Flight.

Game companies are continuing to release free content from a brand new, free expansion for Kingdomino to a new edition of Love Letter. Cryptozoic is having a game sale on their website, and a free Nancy Drew Scopa deck is also available to print.

The kingdom is coming along nicely, but now it’s time to create towns, construct buildings, and win the Queen to your side.