October 2018 | Casual Game Revolution

October 2018

Self-dubbed "a party game where close counts," America doesn’t expect you to know all the answers — you just need to have a general idea, or guess that no one else has a clue either.

How do you say "Dude"? Is it like "dooode" or more like "dewd"? Maybe it just depends on the context. This new icebreaker party game series from North Star Games explores the many bodacious ways to express this word.

Space Base is a 2-5 player race to gain the most victory points for your particular space base. Sounds simple enough, right?

Osprey Games has announced a new game coming in 2019, Gamewright is hosting a Halloween contest, and Love Letter has been released on Steam.

The bees are buzzing and it’s time for some real time dice rolling as you try to steal flowers out from under your opponents and build the greatest hive.

Sheeple is a new party game on Kickstarter about coming up with the same answers as other players, but hopefully not too many of the other players.

Z-Man Games has announced a new standalone Carcassonne game, USAopoly has released a Snow White-themed game, and Lords of Vegas has joined the Z-Man Games family.

Trapped in a temple, players must work together to solve a series of puzzles in order to escape. For each puzzle, one player will hold the answer key and guide the others to find the solution.

Build stations, buy stock, and ship goods, in a tycoon board game that keeps things fast and simple.

Both Arcane Wonders and Fantasy Flight Games have new games available for pre-order, while Cheapass Games has announced a new Poker inspired game.