June 2020 | Page 2 | Casual Game Revolution

June 2020

Renegade Game Studios has released a new deductive logic game, Back to the Future: Back in Time has been released, and The Op (USAopoly) has announced a deal with Asmodee to release licensed versions of Spot It!.

It’s going to take all the talents of Mystery, Inc. to solve the mystery of Lady Fairmont’s ghost and escape the haunted mansion!

LOKI and IELLO’s cooperative, seafaring board game Kraken Attack has players desperately trying to protect their ship, repair damage, and fight off the Kraken and its many tentacles.

This game's ability to be defined as a 'casual game' might best be demonstrated by the story of how I, seasoned gamer that I am, was promptly defeated by a 7-year-old girl playing it for the first time.

WizKids has announced an English edition of El Maestro, Pandasaurus Games has made Ctrl available for pre-order, and Looney Labs has announced SpongeBob Fluxx.

Brain Games brings to the table a challenging, cooperative puzzle party game that also features an engaging competitive mode.

Pictures is a 3-5 player party game where players will use varying sets of items to depict one of 16 images in the hopes their companions can figure out what picture they are crafting.

Compete to create the most fabulous latte art and win the judges with your expertly poured brew!