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Big Box O' Card Games Giveaway #3

Big Box O' Card Games

This giveaway has expired. Click here to enter our latest giveaway!

In our latest Big Box O' Games giveaway, we are featuring four card games for your gaming pleasure — enter today for a chance to win these games just in time for Christmas!

This giveaway includes a brand new copy of each of the following games:

  • Dragonflame — You are competing to be the most feared dragon in the kingdom. Lay waste to the castles and villages that dot your territory, seize princesses, and hoard gold and jewels to win. Read our review in the Fall 2015 issue of Casual Game Insider.
  • SET — Race to find a SET of three cards where each feature is either all the same or all different on each card. With no turns and no luck, SET is challenging, fast and fun! Read our review in the Fall 2014 issue of Casual Game Insider.
  • Karma — KARMA is an elimination game where everyone wins — except for the last player holding cards. Each turn play a card of equal or higher number to avoid picking up the entire discard pile. Move through your cards faster by playing doubles & triples.
  • The Majority: Complete Edition — You are a leader of a political party in the assembly of darkness. Your objective isn't to fairly play the games of politics, but to manipulate others and abuse the powers to earn the most money! The Majority and its sequel, The Majority 2, are both included in the box.

One lucky winner will receive a brand new copy of all four games! Enter below for a chance to win, and be sure to invite your friends. (Note: our giveaways are only open to U.S. residents, age 18 or older. Why?)

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Megan's picture

I've never heard of Karma or The Majority, but I love SET and I've really liked what I've seen of Dragonflame!

Michael Boone
Megan's picture

Excellent giveaway! All those games would be a hit at my house! :D

Megan's picture

Thanks for the Giveaway. Some great games in that box! I played Dragon Flame at a protospiel with Matt, it's a lot of fun!

Jonathan D'Silva
Megan's picture

How do you decide what games to put in the giveaways? Can I get more information to submit games?

Eden Hansen
Megan's picture
Great giveaway! Thanks!
Megan's picture

I enjoy a lot of games and i love prises :)

Megan's picture

I love board and card games and am really looking forward to learning more.  This is an exciting competition.

Eric Shearer
Megan's picture

Thanks for the contest, one can never have too many easy to learn games handy.

Chris S
Megan's picture

I'd love to win all these games!

Keri Miller
Megan's picture

Holy cow!  These games look awesome!  Perfect addition to our collection for a long Alaskan winter!

Travis P.
Megan's picture

I like the combination of both old and new games in this sweepstakes. It just shows that good games can be found anywhere. Thanks for this!

Dragonflame sounds very interesting! A couple friends of mine are also huge dragon fans, so it'd be welcomed in my board gaming circle.

JEmlay's picture
Member Since: 07/15/2013

Good luck everyone!

Stephy Casstevens
Megan's picture

I am happy to see companies trying to make gaming more welcoming and accessible to new players. This site dose the gaming community and great service :) 

Set is one of my favorite games!

Maggie B
Megan's picture

Thanks for the giveaway! Good luck everyone!

Brad R
Megan's picture

Thanks for another great contest all and promoting games and game media.  The revolution continues!

Shawn Marier
Megan's picture

Fingers crossed.

Nuno Santos
Megan's picture

Wow what a great giveaway! Thanks!

Megan's picture

After seeing reviews of Majority and DragonFlame, I am hoping I win, which will also force me to finally play Set instead of just looking at it on the Barnes and Noble shelves all the time.

Megan's picture

Great contest to spread the word on your publication. Thanks for what you do to expand the hobby.

David Brown
Megan's picture

Set and Dragonflame both look interesting.  I'd need to research the others.

Megan's picture

Thanks for the chance, good luck all!

Megan's picture

Good luck everyone

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When publishers send us games for review, we ask for 2 copies. The first one is used for our evaluation and the second one is typically added to our giveaway queue. We usually choose a group of them that have a common characteristic of some sort to use in each giveaway.

Please see our Game Submission Guidelines for more information.


Megan's picture

I've heard lots of good things about Set! Thanks for holding the contest!

Aaron Mitchell
Megan's picture

I've heard lots of good things about these games.  I've love to own them all and play them with my friends and family.

Sean Kerlly
Megan's picture

Winning this pack would be a great addition to the games we bring to our homeschool game day each month. We had a chance to play Karma at Origins and really enjoyed it. I'm sure the others are great games too.

Timothy VanderWall
Megan's picture
I always look forward to the arrival of the next Casual Game Insider.  I usually read it cover to cover.  Thanks.
Megan's picture

Hope I win

Megan's picture

SET! One of my favorite games of all times. Even my spouse, who has no interest in games, loves it.

Megan's picture

The Majority and Dragonflame look interesting.  I hope I win!

Jason McCracken
Megan's picture

Love your magazine! Thanks for the contest!

Megan's picture

This looks like a great giveaway and could really help with my shot at getting a bit of gaming in over the holidays as well as help with shopping.  Thank you.

Brian Rogers
Megan's picture

These games look great.....and I KNOW Set would be a great hit with my household!  Thanks for the chance to win!

Maggie Saavedra
Megan's picture

Dragon flame looks awesome!

Kimberly Robertson
Megan's picture

As a teacher, I have many students (mostly boys) who love DragonFlame. This would be a great addition to the classroom. 

Megan's picture

cool contest

Jameson V
Megan's picture

My roommates and I love card games like these.  They're great for a night in with the guys or a weeknight where we can't set up a full table-top game, but still have the urge to play something.  Plus, they're great for trips, too!

Megan's picture

Great giveaway! Set is a solid game but I don't own yet. Dragon flame and The Majority look fantastic too!

Brian Rogers
Megan's picture

I've only ever heard good things about Set, and would really love to win a copy of it for my family!  Thanks for the opportunity.

Megan's picture

These sound like great games, I've never played any of them.