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Arcane Wonders

Chronicles of Crime by Lucky Duck Games is back with a brand new standalone game. Plus: highlights from Gen Con Online, the art of storytelling in games, lessons learned after 10 years of gaming, alternatives to UNO, and the magic behind Arcane Wonders.

Arcane Wonders has announced a new party game, a new edition of Patchwork is available for pre-order, and the winners of the 13th annual Dice Tower Awards have been announced.

Only one can inherent the title of Master by learning strength, agility, wisdom, and honor. But be careful, your greatest weakness may be your undoing.

Take charge of a smartphone manufacturing corporation in Smartphone Inc. by Arcane Wonders. Plus: modern alternatives to classic board games, player elimination, DIY game upgrades, Dized game tutorials, and a decade of Castle Panic by Fireside Games.

An area majority game from designers Andrea Mainini and Luciano Sopranzetti, Volcanic Isle challenges players to control much of the island without causing too many volcanic eruptions and island loss.

In Dragonscales, you try to collect treasure, become stronger, or escape the three-headed dragon to be the most villainous.

Both Arcane Wonders and Fantasy Flight Games have new games available for pre-order, while Cheapass Games has announced a new Poker inspired game.

Arcane Wonders has announced a new game, Game Salute announced three new game imprints last month, and the cover art for Forbidden Sky has been released.

Onitama is a two player game where each move you make gives your opponent another option.

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