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Lucky Duck Games

WizKids has announced a new pinball roll-and-write, IELLO has released King of Tokyo: Dark Edition early, and several companies are releasing free game content.

Despite the raging Coronavirus pandemic, some great games are up for funding on Kickstarter this month — offering mysteries, social deduction, and a chance to explore the world at your game table.

A new game has been announced from the designer of Wingspan, ThunderGryph and Lucky Duck have entered a distribution partnership, and Thunderworks Games has announced their next Roll Player Adventures.

Draft the best cards to build your engine or deter your opponents in this hand management and engine-builder from designer Frédéric Guérard.

Compete in real time to create paths across multiple sectors while collecting coins and avoiding obstacles in this board game interpretation of the popular mobile game.

As a ghost, give nonverbal clues to your teammates to help them solve your murder in Paranormal Detectives by Lucky Duck Games. Plus: party games, Gen Con and Origins 2019, streamlining your gaming experience, and an interview with Floodgate Games.

Encounter femme fatales, mafia baddies, and corrupt cops, in an expansion to the cooperative mystery solving game Chronicles of Crime.

Protect the kingdom. Build the towers. Withstand the monsters. Can you survive?

Deduce, detect, and determine your way through a series of tricky mysteries and tough cases.

Chronicles of Crime has players working together to solve various crimes throughout the streets of London: collecting evidence, questioning suspects, and investigating crime scenes.

An adaptation of a popular mobile game from 2010, Fruit Ninja: Combo Party combines card drafting, with speed, memory, and some elements of push your luck.