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Z-Man Games

Z-Man Games has made their new edition of Condottieri available for pre-order, Fairy Tale Fluxx has been released, and WizKids has a new Star Trek-themed card game.

Z-Man has announced a special edition of Pandemic, WizKids has released a new game, and USAopoly has announced a new edition Super Mario Bros. Power Up.

Z-Man Games has announced Mesozooic, KOSMOS will be releasing a two player Imhotep game, and USAopoly has announced a new party game.

Bezier Games has announced a new One Night game, Board Game Quest has done an Origins recap, and Choose Your Own Adventure: House of Danger is available for pre-order.

Bézier Games has announced One Week Ultimate Werewolf, Z-Man Games has bought Love Letter, and Passport Game Studios has announced a new dice game.


Passport Game Studios has released a new game, the Mensa Select winners have been announced, and a new Carcassonne expansion is in the works.

A new Avengers-themed board game has been released, IELLO is hosting a photo contest, and BoardGameGeek has posted a roundup of fun, board game themed April Fool’s jokes.

Renegade Game Studios has announced a new game, there’s a roundup of new FoxMind Games from the New York Toy Fair 2018, and Z-Man Games has released a slew of mini expansions.

A new Pandemic game has been announced, soon you’ll be able to play Catan in VR, and Dized is now seeking funding on IndieGoGo.

Lots of new games have been announced this week, Z-Man Games has announced a preview of what they have at this year’s Gen Con, and check out a list of good two player games.