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Z-Man Games

Next Move Games has announced the next Azul game, Tasty Minstrel is releasing two new games this month, and USAopoly (The Op) has announced a new party game.

USAopoly has announced a new, cooperative Star Wars game, the Spiel des Jahres nominees have been announced, and Z-Man Games will be releasing a new game set in the Pandemic universe.

Renegade Game Studios has a new game available for pre-order, The Game Aisle recommends some games for Easter, and Z-Man Games gives a sneak peak of their new edition of Love Letter.

Flick ’Em Up takes you to the wild west, and has players flicking discs to shoot outlaws, rob banks, and maneuver around a western town.

USAopoly has announced two new games, Restoration Games is releasing two Fireball Island expansions, and Z-Man Games has announced a new edition of Love Letter.

Eggertspiele announces an exciting new game, Portal Games has announced their lineup of new games for 2019, and Z-Man has a new card game in the works.

How well can you stack twenty oddly shaped tiles? Earn points for the tiles that are highest up the stack and see how well you can score.

Z-Man has announced two new games for 2019, Deseret News has listed their favorite games of 2018, and Entertainment Vine has run an interview with the creators of Looney Labs.

­­Z-Man Games has announced a new game in the Oniverse series, Ravensburger is hosting a giveaway, and Dized’s Kickstarter campaign has relaunched.

Z-Man Games has announced a new board game, Hasbro has released a new Monopoly-inspired game, and USAopoly is hosting a giveaway.