May 2019 | Casual Game Revolution

May 2019

WizKids has released a new game, AEG has announced Ecos: First Continent, and Greater Than Games has acquired the publishing rights to the Cheapass Games catalog.

Vegas Dice Game is about playing the odds and reading your opponents. Will you go for the big money or play it slow and steady? Will the dice be your friends, or will Lady Luck desert you?

USAopoly has announced a new, cooperative Star Wars game, the Spiel des Jahres nominees have been announced, and Z-Man Games will be releasing a new game set in the Pandemic universe.

Dungeon Royale is one-part dungeon crawl, one-part roguelike, that has 2-4 players racing to discover treasures, complete quests, find the Stone of Life and be the first to exit with the most earned victory points.

The first expansion to Disney Villainous brings three new villains to the game. Play the expansion as a standalone game, or mix it in with villains from the base game.

Bézier Games announces a new game series, Opinionated Gamers makes their Spiel des Jahres nominee predictions, Indie Table Top has done a roundup of their favorite roll and write games.

Put your brain to the test as you stretch, roll, and connect putty to fill the grid and solve the puzzle.

Reef is a puzzle that will ask you to plan ahead and consider each choice you make and how you stack your pieces. From beautiful box art to lovely components, the game lacks nothing in presentation. But how does it play?

From ants collecting food to pancake flipping, food takes center stage this month on Kickstarter. There’s also plenty of space involved too, from a game that puts you in charge of running your own agency during the space race, to a social deduction game in which humans must race to find the alien queen among them.

Do players keep forgetting the rules of a game? Go out of turn? Or do you simply want to penalize the losers? Have them draw a card and perform a consequence!