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Big Box O' Games Giveaway (Fall 2021): Vikings on Board, The Red Dragon Inn 7, and Finger Guns

Big Box O' Games Giveaway

Our Big Box O' Games Giveaway is back! Help us celebrate our Fall 2021 issue of Casual Game Insider by entering to win these three great games.

  • Vikings on Board (Blue Orange Games) — Set sail with your clan of Vikings on board the ships best supplied for a successful voyage, while simultaneously placing bets on which clan you think will control each ship as they set sail.
  • The Red Dragon Inn 7: The Tavern Crew (Slugfest Games) — In this standalone expansion to The Red Dragon Inn, play as the staff of the tavern, enjoying the night after all the adventuring patrons have passed out in their rooms (or stables).
  • Finger Guns at High Noon (Indie Boards & Cards) — Draw your finger guns to eliminate players with pistols, dynamite, and power shots, or stand to the side and lasso up an ally. Last player standing is the winner — unless the ghosts eliminate everyone.

We would like to offer a special thanks to the publishers of these games for providing the prizes for this giveaway.

Enter below to win! (Note: our giveaways are only open to U.S. residents, age 18 or older. Why?)

Big Box O' Games Giveaway (Fall 2021)

Rick P
Rick P's picture

Nice giveaway, looking forward to more Red Dragon Inn and Vikings

Mark Marine
Rick P's picture

SOme good games here !

Michael B.
Rick P's picture

Oh excellent lineup! 

Eric Shearer
Rick P's picture

Vikings on Board is pretty fun.

Rick P's picture

Look like interesting games... finger guns might take a little getting used to

Rob F.
Rick P's picture

Thanks for the contest!

Ryan Picklesimer
Rick P's picture

Thanks for the chance!

diane sabatini
Rick P's picture

Looks like a party to me.

Mark Patoka
Rick P's picture

Another Vikings game, looks fun!

Shirley Younger
Rick P's picture

Thanks for the contest

Mitchell Dane
Rick P's picture

great selection, thanks

Dutch Uncle
Rick P's picture

I have enjoyed following CGR since the first kickstarter, and these giveaway opportunities are a nice bonus.


Kelly VanAuken
Rick P's picture

Good luck everyone.

Jennifer K
Rick P's picture

Looks like another fun giveaway!

Rick P's picture

Allways love there is more than one games to be had!


Richard Lupino
Rick P's picture
Love a giveaway...thanks
Brad R
Rick P's picture

You had me at Red Dragon Inn.  Heard some good things and havent played it yet.

Rick P's picture

Vikings looks cool!

Pete Donegan
Rick P's picture
This looks like a great collection of games! I've heard great things about Red Dragon Inn.
David M.
Rick P's picture

Great selection of games to giveaway.

Erik I.
Rick P's picture

Some great games. Red Dragon Inn is one of my wife's favorites!

More Red Dragon Inn thank you!

Brittany Gilley
Rick P's picture

thanks for another great giveaway

Eric L
Rick P's picture

Another cool givie-a -way!

Josh Christian
Rick P's picture
What a neat prize pack!
Andrew Holt
Rick P's picture

Is Finger Guns similar to Cash & Guns?

Andrew Gillen
Rick P's picture
Looks like a fun mix. I haven't tried one of the Red Dragon Inn games yet, but I would like to.
Ruth D
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Jonathan L
Rick P's picture

Thank you for this giveaway!

Chris Knight
Rick P's picture

Nice Giveaway

Travis P.
Rick P's picture

All of these look like fun. Thanks for the giveaways!

Anna C.
Rick P's picture

I love Red Dragon Inn!! I can't wait to check out Vikings as well!!

Evan S.'s picture
Member Since: 06/30/2019

Love me some board games!

Rick P's picture

entered... thanks !!

Ryan L.
Rick P's picture

Thank you for this contest!

Milly Voskanyan
Rick P's picture

I love game giveaways the most! Board games are still the best way to have fun & spending time with the family.

James Holzhauer
Rick P's picture

Nice contest. Good luck, everybody.