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CGI#43: The Last Kingdom, Back to Nature, Table Presence, and Flatout Games

The conflict and intrigue from the Netflix series The Last Kingdom are brought to life in an epic new board game by Gamelyn Games.

Plus: nature themes in board gaming, Project L strategy tips, games with beautiful table presence, the historic and modern culture of games, how Flatout Games produces full-time fun as a part-time venture, and a FREE print-and-play game: Jasper & Zot by Nick Hayes. Our readers also discuss their favorite cooperative board games.

This issue features reviews of Kitesboop.Teeter TowerSync or SwimBirdwatcherNot That MovieRankster, and a guest review of Hand-to-Hand Wombat by Major Fun.

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Spring 2023
Justin Spicer, Pete Mesling, Andrew Brassleay, Bayard Catron, Natalie Rodriguez, Stephen Conway
Carole H
Carole H's picture

I miss Nintendo Power

Carole H's picture

Looking forward to Last Kingdom

Kris Kaminski
Carole H's picture

Like the show, not sure about the game?


Lindsey W
Carole H's picture

I am so happy that this exists. Board Games are so much more interesting than those gossip mags.

Carole H's picture
Love it when IPs turn into board games. Stull comes down to design though.
Roland Blais
Carole H's picture

I can dig it!

Dave R
Carole H's picture

I've never seen The Last Kingdom but is's been on my watch list. Now, that I see there will be a board game on the IP, I will move it up in my queue. Although, with me, IP games can be really hit-or-miss. Let's hope this one is a hit. 

John Stout
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Required Comment.  :)

Amanda B
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Always interesting to learn more about how different publishers make it work.
Timothy Oldson
Carole H's picture

Making me think about getting a paper subscription again!!!

Jordan Binkerd
Carole H's picture
This looks fun! I still need to watch that one though....
Daniel Mathews
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Enjoy every Issue!

Leon Loo
Carole H's picture

Last Kingdom! Already pledged.

Kelly VanAuken
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Great job with the magazine.

Kevin P. Greaves
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I love this magazine.
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Joanna Sisk
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Love when the magazine pops in my email! Great periodical! 

Josh Willhite
Carole H's picture

I was not aware of some of the games in the back to nature article, so easy for a game to pass under the radar with so many coming out, I'll have to research them further. Interested in Birdwatcher too.

Greg L
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Another great issue. So thankfull I get each issue.

Michele G.
Carole H's picture

I love these games.


Ruth D
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Mitchell D
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Great reviews

Carole H's picture

Project L is great! Super excited to get my copy from the most recent Kickstarter.

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Member Since: 01/05/2022

Never saw the show, so can't say I'd be at all interested in the game unless the mechanics were amazing!

Nate W
Carole H's picture

Hmm, I think I'm gonna pass on the Last Kingdom board game for now. Maybe I'll change my mind after reviews start rolling in.

Elijah Johnson
Carole H's picture
Just bought Everdell The Complete Collection. Can't wait to play!!!
Thanay Binford
Carole H's picture

Last Kingdom looks great

Michael D Koch
Carole H's picture

I can think of games that have a great table presence.

Mike McOmber
Carole H's picture

Thanks for all the content!!

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I would REALLY love a print subscription, just can't afford one on a fixed income. A subscription should be part of giveaways!

Carole H's picture

Will most likely pass on this game.  Too many games not getting to the table already.

Kelly M.
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Nice article about the culture of games. I could see someone doing a PhD dissertation on that.
Julia Thomsen
Carole H's picture

I'm excited for this one mostly because of the IP, I loved that show, so I backed it. 

Carole H's picture

Hope the last kingdom game is as good as the show

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This is now my, "Go To," board game news magazine. 

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Member Since: 05/11/2023

This is by far my favorite BoardGame magazine. 

It will be interesting to see how The Last Kingdom translates from screen to board.
Bennet Rosenthal
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I need those Project L strategy tips. I have the first edition and just backed the Kickstarter for the expansions.

Cassie Groark
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Great issue!  Love all the info!

Scott J
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This issue looks great!

I am interested in the Last Kingdom game and look foward to reading the article about the environmental themed games!

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Member Since: 08/07/2021

How Board Games Continue to Reflect Growing & Emergent Communities was an excellent article by Mr Bayard Catron.  Very enjoyable reading.  Recommend to anyone interested in games at any level.

Adam Barrand
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I didn't know about this publication.

Carole H's picture

Can't wait for Spiderman!

Marty Harris
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This is fun
Ethan Hubbard
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Love it

Rob F.
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Looks like another great issue.

K. Ting
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Hooray for a new newsletter!
Jennifer Sims
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I love nature themed board games!
Carole H's picture

This makes me want to see what this game is all about!!! Putting it on my list!!