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Big Box O' Party Games Giveaway #3

Big Box O' Party Games

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Our Big Box O' Games Giveaway is back! This time, we are giving away four great party games for your enjoyment. Help us celebrate the Spring 2016 release of Casual Game Insider by entering to win—then have a blast at your next party!

  • Kerflip! — a fast-thinking word game that rewards you for making anagrams from a group of letter tiles faster than your opponents.
  • Off Your Rocker — one player, the Psychiatrist, must ask questions of the rest of the group to try to figure out what crazy quirk they are suffering from.
  • But Wait, There's More! — give a sales pitch for your wacky new invention, adding bizarre and unexpected features on the fly.
  • Rough — Players must perform ridiculous tasks to stay in the game. Fail to do so, and you're eliminated. Last player in the game wins.

Enter below to win, and be sure to invite your friends. One lucky winner will receive a brand new copy of all of these games! (Note: our giveaways are only open to U.S. residents, age 18 or older. Why?)

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Kristin Troska
Kristin Troska's picture

We love new games!  We play with several different groups.  Kids games, adult games, party games, strategy games, silly games, serious games.  YAY!  Games.

Eric Shearer
Kristin Troska's picture

Yay party games!  It is too bad they don't get much geek love, but then again most of them are very polarizing and especially around "gamers" it is hard to find a full group who likes doing what the game wants you to do.  I have a shelf and a half of party games and even then only two of the four prize games sound like fun to me, but I know people who would like the other two and probably not the ones I like. 

Kristin Troska's picture

I already have one of these games so that one I'd have to gift away. :)

Matthew Demski
Kristin Troska's picture

I live in Canada but have a shipping address in the United States available to me. Would I be allowed to enter the contest with the understanding that if I were to win, the game would be shipped to a U.S. address?

Louis Noble
Kristin Troska's picture
We need more quality print magazines in the UK!!
Rajee Pandi
Kristin Troska's picture

I want my son to try it love the new look of this games 

Kristin Troska's picture

Cool giveaway! Thanks for the opportunity.

João Costa
Kristin Troska's picture

I'm going to offer that lil' box of treats to my US friends!

Eric Francis
Kristin Troska's picture

I read a comment recently on BGG where someone said, "A paper magazine? How quaint." All I could think of was what they were missing by not reading CGI!

Christopher Sasaki
Kristin Troska's picture

I love games like "But wait there's more!"

Kristin Troska's picture

These games sound cool. I think Off Your Rocker would be a great game to play with my crazy pals. If I don't win it, I'll be looking to buy it!

Marc Taylor
Kristin Troska's picture

Love playing games with our friends.  We play a LOT and are always looking for a new game to debut!

Josh Willhite
Kristin Troska's picture

Thanks for the contest and promoting group play.

Kristin Troska's picture

Always enjoy new games with friends

Brian S
Kristin Troska's picture

I love board games, I would like to continue exploring and keep play all kinds of board games all time! 

David Brown
Kristin Troska's picture

"But Wait There's More" seems like the best of these.

Melissa Howell
Kristin Troska's picture

We have a very large gaming group starting up at our house. We could use some more games and a good table. I love the magazine!!! Cant wait to get the next one. 

Love games!!!

Richard Taylor
Kristin Troska's picture

Getting daughter and nieces into games, this will be a great source to bring them in.

Thanks for the giveaway

todd molenda
Kristin Troska's picture

i hope i will

Thanks for the great giveaway!

Eric K
Kristin Troska's picture
Thanks for the giveaway!
Stephen S
Kristin Troska's picture

Thank you very much for the contest. This is a great offering. Makes a good excuse to get a game night together.

Kristin Troska's picture

I'm interested in trying out all these games, but But Wait, There's More! sounds like it'd be the biggest hit with my group.

Jeremy S
Kristin Troska's picture

Thanks for the giveaway

Barrett S.
Kristin Troska's picture

yay contest    thanks!

Kristin Troska's picture

I like games.

Michael Shea
Kristin Troska's picture

I'm a ConnConn staff and we love games.

Kristin Troska's picture

Thanks for the contest! THe games look fun, especially Off Your Rocker

Kristin Troska's picture

Thank you for the contest

David T.
Kristin Troska's picture

Those are so great games for the coolest evening with friends!!!

Michael Patience
Kristin Troska's picture

I've not yet played any of those games, but I'm looking forward to it!

Kristin Troska's picture

Congratulations for doing a great job in promoting this hobbie!

cScott's picture
Member Since: 05/20/2016

Just discovered your magazine. Like what I see so far!


C. Scott Davis
(SHP Games)


Jason Lees
Kristin Troska's picture
I am really excited for the chance to win some great new party games! These look amazing!
Nuno Santos
Kristin Troska's picture

Thanks for the giveaway. Off Your Rocker looks fun!

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