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Calliope Games

Hasbro has announced a new Are You Smarter Than a 5th Grader board game, the Titan Series has made it's crowdfunding goal, and Rio Grande Games will be releasing My First Bohnanza.

This month Calliope Games has launched their ambitious Titan Series, which they've been talking about for the past several months. It is also the month for card games, with lots of great ones seeking funding.

Several game companies had fun with April Fool’s this year, websites give suggestions for your Easter gaming, and Castle Panic: The Dark Titan is now released.

What happens when you assemble a team of all-star game designers to create new casual games? You get the Titan Series, an upcoming line from our friends at Calliope Games. We recently reached out for an interview to learn more.

Mayfair Games’ Villainy is now available for pre-order, Calliope Games has announced a new line of gateway games titled The Titan Series, and Days of Wonder will be merging with Asmodee Games.

We're giving away a brand new copy of Tsuro, a great casual game for 2 to 8 players by Calliope Games! Players place tiles to move their stones along various paths on the board, trying to eliminate their opponents by directing their stones off of the edge. The last player remaining in the game wins.

Alright, folks...we've scoured the crowdfunding web and selected several of the most notable casual games. There's quite a bit of variety this month, so enjoy!