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Inspired by side scrolling one-on-one fighting games, PopCats Fighter will have you choose your cat and go toe to toe in a cat-themed game of vicious clawing and agile pouncing.

Which would you choose to defeat the cow king: a perky trident of prodding? Or a never-ending boomerang of poking?

The most nefarious supervillain has been captured by those pestilential heroes, and it’s your job to mount a rescue. Fight your way through guards and heroes in order to save your supervillain friend.

There’s a lot of science fiction this month on Kickstarter, with a jetpack-themed app game getting a board game adaptation, a cooperative game set on a malfunctioning space ship, and a competitive game in which players build a 3D space station as they also build up their revenue.


One lone cadet survives on a space station. Mission Control is the only hope for escape, but communication is malfunctioning. Will the cadet be able to decipher what Mission Control is saying?

We take a first look at Startropolis, a game in which players each contribute to a space station, adding pieces and building it up. Want a new market zone? How about some luxury housing for the elite?

Currently on Kickstarter, Bilder has you drawing cards, choosing from one of two options, and building what you chose. But it’s not always so easy, as your building skills will be put to the test with challenges and restrictions.

What do you get if you mix cards, throw in a dash of colorful artwork, a pinch of drafting, and top it off with an enticing blue ribbon? Carroll County Cake Swap!

Can you place your piece on a spinning platform? How about stacking on a second piece while only holding it with a pair of chopsticks?

Industry is booming and towns are growing. Will you be a wily raccoon tycoon and take advantage of the boom to make your fortune and help the cities expand?