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The king wants peacocks. Gather as many as you can, and offer more than your opponents in order to earn his favor. But be quick about it, because before you know it he’ll have changed his mind and decided he wants stallions instead!

Each First Look adventure is designed to be a standalone RPG experience to teach players the basic concepts of the genre and let them judge for themselves if roleplaying games are for them.

This month brings the sequel to a popular cooperative game to Kickstarter, a dexterity game about performing tricks with desk toys, and a game that finally answers the question: what happens to Chess pieces after they come home from the battle?


This month’s Kickstarter games allow players to step into the shoes of time strapped doctors, working together to beat the clock and tend to all patients in time, henchmen vying to get hired for villainous schemes and earn influence, and even Robinson Crusoe, looking for a way off his island.

Would you rather be an ant or zombie? Pick a side, and claim the garden for your team, as there’s only room for one in this back yard.

Sometimes you just want to flip over the table, but still want to be invited back to play again next week. What’s a person to do? Enter the Outburst Game Table.

June brings a couple of new spins on dungeon crawlers to Kickstarter, as well as a number of sci-fi themed games, including the sequel to Escape the Dark Castle.

Babies are pulling on the boxing gloves and going to toe to toe in this two player card game about babies throwing punches, right hooks, and jabs.

Dungeon Royale is one-part dungeon crawl, one-part roguelike, that has 2-4 players racing to discover treasures, complete quests, find the Stone of Life and be the first to exit with the most earned victory points.