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Social deduction has never been more adorable than it is this month with a panda-themed game hitting Kickstarter. Also, a dexterity game about flipping pancakes and a chip stacking game that blends strategy and luck.

Inoka is a card game that is all about outguessing the other players. Prepare for battle and clash with your opponents to earn sacred stones and gain the victory.

Players create their own personal character and take them through the zombie apocalypse in the newest Legacy game, currently on Kickstarter.

You want to be an evil overlord, but with the four creature factions refusing to fight alongside each other, you’re going to have to pick a side and trade your way into a fighting force that can wipe out the others.

Expansions can be a tricky thing. Will it keep the spirit of the base game while adding something new to justify its existence? Or will it just overcomplicate a game that is already just right for casual gamers?

Bézier Games has announced One Week Ultimate Werewolf, Z-Man Games has bought Love Letter, and Passport Game Studios has announced a new dice game.


For fans of tricky decisions and strategic choices, this month Kickstarter offers some unique selections, from Envyra, a simultaneous action strategy game, to the tactical combat of Last One Standing’s battle royale gameplay.


With the success of PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds and Fortnite, battle royale games have been sweeping through the video game industry, with more and more games including this mode.

Social deduction / hidden identity games have been seeing a rise in popularity in recent years. Some of our favorites include One Night Ultimate WerewolfGood Cop Bad Cop, and Coup.

This month brings the latest game from Restoration Games to Kickstarter, with a game that includes a truly impressive board. Also this month we have Green Couch Games with their latest card game, and two different looks at nightmares and dreams.