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Mastermind mergers. Dabble in inside trading. Loot companies. Do what it takes to give you a step up and amass a powerful, unstoppable railway empire for yourself!

February on Kickstarter offers an exciting batch of casual games, from a party game co-designed by the creator of The Mind to a board game featuring robots and puzzle pieces.

Driven from their home years ago, the trolls have at last returned to reclaim what is theirs with digging, spells, and careful planning.

Cackleberry Games is a fledgling publishing company who just launched their first game on Kickstarter: Gardens of Babylon. Read our interview with the creator, Rob Thompson.

A new year, and a new set of games hit Kickstarter this month. Don the role of hero as you cooperate to defeat vile demons or compete to pick up tips!

While there are nightmarish Tales of Evil and cursed vegetables this month on Kickstarter, there are also games about brewing a cozy cup of tea and building of fields full of animals.

Halloween may be over, but Kickstarter still has a couple of spooky games this month, from a narrative-based horror game to a social deduction game about solving a murder.

This deck builder will take you on an adventure across the high seas as you plunder merchant ships and sail into port to trade goods and recruit shipmates. Race to capture a Spanish treasure galleon and be crowned the pirate king.

Sheeple is a new party game on Kickstarter about coming up with the same answers as other players, but hopefully not too many of the other players.