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Dungeon Royale is one-part dungeon crawl, one-part roguelike, that has 2-4 players racing to discover treasures, complete quests, find the Stone of Life and be the first to exit with the most earned victory points.

From ants collecting food to pancake flipping, food takes center stage this month on Kickstarter. There’s also plenty of space involved too, from a game that puts you in charge of running your own agency during the space race, to a social deduction game in which humans must race to find the alien queen among them.

Do players keep forgetting the rules of a game? Go out of turn? Or do you simply want to penalize the losers? Have them draw a card and perform a consequence!

Raccoon Tycoon blends anthropomorphic animals in Victorian clothing with a quasi-historical setting as players race to buy and sell commodities, towns, and railroads in a light, but fun stock market game.

This month finds some truly gorgeous artwork on Kickstarter, a game about growing flowers, a solo game that puts you in the role of the French resistance, a social deduction game of villagers and demons, and…high school volleyball?

Protect the kingdom. Build the towers. Withstand the monsters. Can you survive?

Adorable wizard kittens are taking over Kickstarter this month, and not one but two games involve food fights. The month also brings an abstract board game with unique movement rules and a civilization game that can be played in thirty minutes.

Napoleon has invaded Poland, and the Russians have arrived to drive back him back. Which side will you lead to victory or defeat?

Help game designer extraordinaire, Roland Wright, create the perfect dice game by rolling dice. Roll, write, and erase, to make sure your game wins the most awards.

The heroes have all gone missing, and it is up to their sidekicks to protect the city and get to the bottom of this mystery!