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This month has some truly unique offerings, from Project L (a game that rewards you with more puzzle pieces each time you solve a puzzle), to a crime writing party game and an escape room-inspired mystery puzzle contained in five postcards.

The newest game in the Tiny Epic line hits Kickstarter this month, while Green Couch Games also brings their newest card game to the site. This month also offers a unique 3D board, two player cards games, and a board game of summoning magic.

Evil is approaching, and only your band of adventurers can prevent its advance. Set a Watch is a game of defeating enemies and preventing the return of the unHallowed.

Learn geography while playing a game that transcends language and age barriers in TrikyTrail — a card game that puts forging bonds with globetrotters at the same level as winning the game!

Every year the board game industry grows and incorporates more and more dedicated players. The last few years have been termed the "board game renaissance," and in a lot of ways, it truly is the best era in gaming thus far. By the time industry magazine ICv2 reports of the most recent figures (typically 10-20% annual growth since around 2008), a plethora of new board game publishers have already sprung up. With the growth of Kickstarter, starting a publishing company has become a lot more accessible for those that don't have the financial resources to afford printing thousands of copies of a game on their own.

Running a Kickstarter campaign is a lot of work. There are a plethora of hoops that a creator must jump through in order to be successful.

In the mood for a picnic or TV dinner? Be careful! Don’t forget you can’t eat grains! But maybe cheating on your diet might just be worth it in the end.

Win the guilds to your side, secure the favor of the King, and maneuver and manipulate your way to victory. Strategic and logical, Blackstone Castle is a game of grid manipulation in which all the information is open and available to players.

Cooperation, social deduction, real time, abstract, and micro games all make their way to Kickstarter this month. There’s a little something of everything both in mechanics and theme, with games ranging from fairy tales to stories of survival on the high seas.

Dungeon crawling is slow! Why not race through the dungeon instead? It's a dungeon full of traps, monsters, and loot.