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This month’s Kickstarter games come with several themes centered around crime, from a Sherlock Holmes and Moriarty game to ones about burglary and prohibition.

What will win this hand? Will it be the highest numbered card? The lowest? Will the card’s name determine the winner? Or the year written on it? Be careful though, because it might just change halfway through the hand!

How far will you go to get out of a work event? Would you tell your boss that you’ve just been arrested? That you’re stuck in a tree? There’s a hitman out after you?

This month brings the newest addition to the Tiny Epic game series, as well as a sequel to Sub Terra. You will also find some puzzly tile laying, wrestling gnomes, and fashionable vampires.

From frustrated to optimistic, outraged to overjoyed, or shocked to bored, Block Happy features the whole gamut of emotions.

Pirate Penelope is creating a run, but watch out, Dapper Dog brings cannons out on to the field to break her ranks!

Button Shy introduces a quick 14-card take on War with its latest game, coming soon to Kickstarter.

Will you prepare for the Bellfaire celebration, or go on a long journey through the mountains to discover unknown locations?

Joseph Adams (along with his design partner, Madeleine Cole) discuss their foray into game publishing with their first design, Philosophia.

From cooperative games that fit in a tin to asymmetrical games of social deduction, September has been a strong month for casual games on Kickstarter this year.