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Let your inner sculptor shine! Create various figures, animals, and shapes out of clay and hope others will figure out what they are, only not too fast or you won’t get any points.

Build statues in your honor, claim royal titles, race for goods, but don’t get too greedy or your subjects will have something to say about it!

Yellow, round, eat, and circle? Banana! Science, object, see, through, and sky? Telescope! Word Slam has two teams racing against each other to guess the right answer word.

Z-Man Games has announced Mesozooic, KOSMOS will be releasing a two player Imhotep game, and USAopoly has announced a new party game.

Fan of puzzles? Enjoying racing other players against the clock? You have nine rounds to solve the most puzzles, collect the most gems, and win Ubongo.

Become and adventurer and search for lost cities and ancient ruins, in this adaptation of the Lost Cities card game.

This two-player strategy game packs quite a punch as you build bridges and compete for control of the islands of the South Seas.

Can you outwit, outthink, and out-plan your opponent, in this highly strategic two player game?

News from the New York Toy Fair, six KSOMOS games will be released in the US, and Martian Dice is on sale.