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CGI#31: Smartphone Inc., Game Upgrades, Player Elimination, and Fireside Games

Take charge of a smartphone manufacturing corporation in Smartphone Inc. by Arcane Wonders.

Plus: modern alternatives to classic board games, the pros and cons of player elimination, upgrading your favorite games with DIY hacks, how Dized aims to revolutionize game learning, Fireside Games celebrates a decade of Castle Panic, and a FREE solo card game: Banned Books by Button Shy Games.

This issue also features reviews of Point Salad, Wavelength, Cryptid, Obscurio, Decktective: Bloody-Red Roses, Wayfinders, The Pretender, and a special review of Slide Quest by Major Fun.

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Spring 2020
Dann Albright, Teale Fristoe, Eric Francis, David Wiley, Justin Spicer, Naomi Laeuchli, Stephen Conway
Jeffrey J
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I just discovered this magazine during the last kickstarter last year. I love the magazine content and quality, thank you for doing this! 

Bridget Bushey
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Just came across this and absolutely love it!
Greg L
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I enjoy reading the magazine. Great Content

A.J. Bobo
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There's some great content here. Keep up the good work!

Kelsey K
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I just found this and I’m loving the content. 

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This looks like a good magazine

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new games yay!

Great articles.  I've been interested in Smartphone.  I also like an article on Player Elimination.  I'm generally not a fan, but if it's quick/whort, it can be okay.

Chuck S
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Great!  Keep 'em coming!

Shirley Younger
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What an informative magazine

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Love this magazine and the free PnP game that comes with it. Found it on Kickstarter and did a full digital subscription. Love hearing about games I may not have seen otherwise.

Desiree DeYoung
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The pros and cons of player elimination sounds interesting!!!^_^
D May
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I'd like to read the whole "Revisiting the Classics" article. Good stuff!


Kim Hillman
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Looks to have some good information/tips in there!

Donald Melter
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Always so interesting and fun 

Edward Petersen
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Thanks for the great content!
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The DIY upgrades to games sound pretty interesting and a new way to refresh something that might start feeling stale

jeffrey allen b...
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excellent  content. 

Lauren Bodner
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This looks good!

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It's a great magazine from cover to cover.
Amy M
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I'm very intrigued by a games called Banned Books.  I'll check it out forthwith!

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So excited for this free game!

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The article on player elimination was very timely. Not a popular thing in games these days. I got hooked on this hobby playing RISK with my friends nearly 18 years ago. I just played it again for the first time since then online and wow getting knocked out first is lousy.


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Shannon Pickin
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Sounds like a great magazine to read! 

Amanda B
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Lovely!  I'm really likeing the free print and play games included.  Such a great idea.

Pete Donegan
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Thanks for helping to spread this amazing hobby. You guys are doing great work
Z. L.
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This magazine is amazing!

Darren Green
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I just learned about this. I'll have to check it out.

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Great articles!

Rob F.
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Cool that it contains a free game.

Leon Loo
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Good articles. Quite happy with the content.

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very interesting

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Never saw this before! Awesome!
Tony Rupp
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Love that there is still a magazine for board games.

Cliff Roberts
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With all the quarantine, maybe I should consider subscribing?

William Meadows
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Great Magazine

Kelly VanAuken
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Great magazine!


Gunder Coaty
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Wow, this is really well done!

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Proud subscriber of CGI!  I liked the article on player elimination.

Debra Branigan
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The idea of such a magazine is a great idea. This one looks excellent. You had interesting articles in the short preview.

Lily Kwan
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sounds very interesting!

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Another great issue!

Buddy Garrett
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As a lover of board games I think the magazine is a great source of information.

Brandon Sparks
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I just found out about all of this and love it.. Thanks so much..