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September 2019

The newest puzzler from ThinkFun is all about lining up dominos and knocking them down, but in a specific order!

From cooperative games that fit in a tin to asymmetrical games of social deduction, September has been a strong month for casual games on Kickstarter this year.

It’s a dog-eat-dog world out there and there’s not enough territory to go around. You’ve got to lay claim while the going’s good if you hope to be Top Dog by the end.

Thames & Kosmos has released a new game series, Days of Wonder has announced a new Ticket to Ride expansion, and WizKids has revealed a new cooperative card game based on the film Coraline.

Can you draw a cowboy quickly? Can you draw a cowboy so that he doesn’t look like a pirate? And what’s that other player drawing? Is it a knight or a fencer?

Flatout Games is an up-and-coming publisher and designing house that took their first steps into the board gaming industry the same way as most do, by playing games.

Create and manipulate trade routes to transport the best goods across 14th Century West Africa as efficiently as possible.

Dive into the ocean to collect lost treasures. Fulfil orders for exhibits or stash your findings in your vault. Create aquariums full of diverse sea creatures, and gather shells from the beach.

Aid 22nd Century Australia by being one of the architects to create a hamlet in a rising sea in this city-building dexterity mash-up.

Next Move Games has announced the next Azul game, Tasty Minstrel is releasing two new games this month, and USAopoly (The Op) has announced a new party game.