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Big Box O' Games Giveaway #4

Big Box O' Games Giveaway #4

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Our Big Box O' Games Giveaway is back and bigger than ever, with 7 great games worth a total of $200! Help us celebrate our Summer 2014 release and recently-launched Kickstarter campaign for Casual Game Insider by entering to win.

  • Quartex Play your tiles by matching and placing them beside other tiles already in play. If your tile completes a four-corner shape, you earn a point token of that color. But remember: as the number of tokens collected increases, their value decreases. Mind-bending or what?
  • Mars Needs Mechanics — A steampunk game where players represent engineers and tinkerers who have come to compete for the opportunity to launch a mission to Mars. Collect sets of components and build steampunk mechanisms to earn cogs and win.
  • Double Take — A charades game built for two, so to speak. Each round, time willing, two players will present clues for a half-dozen familiar phrases that all have something in common. Each clue giver acts out one side of the card.
  • The Agents — A strategic card game that introduces a unique double-edged card mechanism into the undercover world of covert operations, subterfuge, secrecy and sabotage. Players must join their Agents into Factions, assign Missions and take their opponents down, to gather intel and win the most points.
  • Scripts and Scribes: The Dice Game — As a medieval monk, you are charged with increasing the prestige of the abbey's collection of historical and sacred texts. By acquiring the resources for manuscript illustration and reproduction, your abbey produces and sells its valuable works, thereby bringing in finances necessary for maintaining a fine abbey.
  • Wild Fun West — Players strive to build a small town in the American Wild West, bidding every turn for the building of their choice, be it a Post Office, a Saloon or a Jailhouse. The goal of every player is to construct four out of the six buildings listed on his objective card.
  • Otontin — Players are ferocious Aztec warriors forming and destroying alliances as they rise to power within the Empire.

Enter below to win, and be sure to invite your friends. One lucky winner will receive a brand new copy of all 7 games! (Note: our giveaways are only open to U.S. residents, age 18 or older. Why?)

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rohloffc's picture

I would love to play "Mars Needs Mechanics"!! GREAT GIVEAWAY! 

rohloffc's picture

The agents! me want

rohloffc's picture

Really would love to play Mars Needs Mechanics!

Katie Johnston
rohloffc's picture

I'm looking forward to getting my hands on Mars Needs Mechanics!

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TY for the awesome contest & magazine looks great.  I hope you have great success. I have bought a pdf copy that I enjoyed but do not have money to subscribe right now. Good luck to you with magazine and good luck to all in contest. Game on.

rohloffc's picture

AGENTS!!!!! Great game.

rohloffc's picture

I backed the last Kickstarter for a PDF subscription, upping it to a print & PDF subscription this time around. Thanks for the giveaway!

Eisen Montalvo
rohloffc's picture

Good luck everybody!

Tina Tipton
rohloffc's picture

Quartex sounds like fun.  And I am looking forward to another year of CGI- a terrific magazine.

I see a few games in there that I have been eyeing.

Geoffrey Briggs
rohloffc's picture

Great magazine. Would love to see you dive into some of the miniature board games. Like Zombicide, Escape, Etc.

Lena Welch
rohloffc's picture

I would love a stack of new games to play!  Fingers crossed.

Gloria Wilson
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What a great way to try some new games.  thanks for the chance.  Our students will love these. 

A Guzman
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Hoping to win and share some fun with friends. Great magazine, wishing you folks all the best with yr 3 coming up.

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Those all look fantastic.  Thank you for the opportunity, and the chance to dream about rolling in a pile of hard won games, reveling in the joy of winning, and then playing.   

Robert O
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Great giveaway!

rohloffc's picture

A comment on a giveaway, got to be a good thing and positive :) thanks for the chances

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Great giveway!  Otonin in particular I'd love to play.

Stephen Hall
rohloffc's picture

Thanks for doing this!

Derek Carpenter
rohloffc's picture

Thanks for the opportunity! You guys are awesome!

Looking forward to reading this issue electronically.... and totally jazzed about being a supporter and getting the print editions hereafter for a year. I love that you are going to be on newsstands. 


rohloffc's picture

Great magazine!  I appreciate the efforts being made for gamers who prefer games that last less tha 90 minutes but are not so simple as to be only "family games".  Keep up the good work!


Chuck Waterman

Kumamoto, Japan

rohloffc's picture

I'm waiting my kickstarter goods from The Agents, but haven't played any of the other games in the box. I'd love to win.

A lot of interest here in Mars Needs Mechanics, and rightly so.  Ben Rosset built a clever gem of a supply-and-demand mechanic in that game.  

And now I'm curious about Agent.

This is a great idea for a giveaway. I hope to see this magazine in newsstands. We need more promotion of this great hobby.

Marlene wellard
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I'm so excited for this give away. This site rocks!

Thanks for the giveaway!  Wishing you a successful KS!

David Brown
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Looks like you all have a few good games in this selection.  Thanks!

Allen Martin
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Crossing fingers and toes to win a box of goodness

rohloffc's picture

Thanks for the giveaway. Fingers crossed

Brian S
rohloffc's picture

Thanks for the contest. Some great games here for the giveaway!

I'm fascinated by the idea of a dice version of Scripts & Scribes!

Always get a kick out of these,  Mars is the one that caught my eye.

rohloffc's picture

Such a cool idea for a giveaway!  Thanks for letting us get involved!

This is awesome - I'm glad I found out about this both for the contest and for the magazine itself. :-)

Sara B.
rohloffc's picture

I think the plethora of new games is so great for those of us that grew up on games.

rohloffc's picture

Add me to the list of Mars Needs Mechanics wanters. I have The Agents - so that'll make a good Jack Vasel Memorial Auction donation. :)

Really excited to see the outcome of the contest. A lot of good games. 

Mark Kohls
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Would Love to play a steampunk space game. Mars Needs Mechanics looks fun.

Sean's picture
Member Since: 07/22/2014

I think this is a great idea, and how you have set up this contest is amazing! 

I can't wait to see how big this Revolution gets!

rohloffc's picture

Thanks for this giveaway!

Liza Vladyka
rohloffc's picture

i had wrong addy when i donated can you plz email for right one

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Thanks for the giveaway! Would you consider making the current issue free to view online (maybe for a limited time, such as a week) but free to view forever if you purchase it? It seems like it might generate additional monthly traffic/hype.

Mery Kanashiro
rohloffc's picture

Would love to win this collection of games!  Thanks!

Bob Jacobs
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Thanks for the giveaway. Always look forward for a chance to win free games, but this giveaway really blows the rest of them out of the water. Can't wait for the next opportunity. Thanks again.

rohloffc's picture

+1 to this, sounds great!

*I would love to play "Mars Needs Mechanics"!! GREAT GIVEAWAY! *

Alex hong
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I need to play mars needs mechanics! I wish you guys did print!

I think the giveaway is a great idea
Mark Mistretta
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Awesome contest.  Would love to win these games, especially scripts and scribes: the dice game.