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CGI#14: Red Dragon Inn, Living the Dream, Raising a Gamer, and Board Gaming Myths

Crack jokes, throw punches, and spend your last gold piece on the fine brews of The Red Dragon Inn by SlugFest Games.

Plus: exploring the perspectives of world-famous game designers, lessons learned while raising children as gamers, Essen Spiel 2015 recap, busting common board gaming myths, and an in-depth look at U.S. Games Systems.

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Winter 2016
Naomi Laeuchli, Matt Thrower, Patrick R. Kelly, Gabriele Berzoni, James Floyd Kelly, Stuart R. Kaplan, Lynn Araujo
Brad R
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I'll just put the magazine out for the wife to see the "raising a gamer" article....LOL

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This looks great!

Seana Signor
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Looks like a fun read! I will check it out at B&N.

I got Red Dragon Inn for Christmas!

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Really like the Board Game myths article, need to add this magazine to my subscriptions

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I've enjoyed a few issues from B&N... hopefully soon I'll fit a subscription into my budget.  You hit the exact type of casual, family games that we play so often.

Kevin E Roof
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Are there any free back issues available for people interested? I'd love to check it out to see if I'd like to subscribe.
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We have the Summer 2015 issue still available on Issuu (this was a promotion during our annual Kickstarter campaign):


David Webster
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Looks like a great issue. Will be downloading the PDF.
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I certainly hope digital boardgaming is not the future!

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This looks amazing!  I can't wait for my first issue to come!

Cracking jokes and throwing punches? Count me in! I will definitely be checking out The Red Dragon Inn. This issue sounds fantastic.

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Really interested in the article about raising a gamer as I'm doing just that right now.

Fairway 3 Games
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I like the digital board games myth bit.

Joshua Fornelli
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Looks interesting. I will have to check the link of that earlier magazine to see if I should buy it.
Ryan B.
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Looks great!

Josh Willhite
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Living the dream!

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Well written articles and love the layout.
Daniel Rodriguez
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Lots of cool stuff to check out you've really caught my attention!
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Just learned about this magazine recently and I am very intrigued! I think I'm going to sign up for the digital yearly subscription - this looks like the perfect magazine for me!

Hank P.
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Looks like another item I should spend my money on.  Good looking magazine.

Seth Hale
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This looks awesome.  Can't wait to check it out better!

Dominic Ford
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Great job getting this available at Barnes & Noble! That definitely helps add visibility to the industry!

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I like the BG Myths it was .. actually amusing.

Jeff Briggs
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Another great issue, glad I'm a backer.

Looks fantastic!

Chris Lewis
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Love Red Dragon Inn.  Thanks for the great coverage.

Any chance for CGI to start packaging promos with the print magazine?

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I can't wait to be a board game dad!

Joseph Peterson
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This looks great!

Jason Lees
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Red Dragon Inn is very popular among the kids at one of my game meetups. I've been wondering if there's enough meat there for me to enjoy it as well.
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looks great

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I should really try Red Dragon Inn one of these days

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I really like this idea. I may have to copy it myself. ;)
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I've heard a lot of good things about Red Dragon Inn. Seems really fun!

Thank you so much for hosting the contest!

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I've begun my path down raising gamers, I am curious to see what insights you have to offer.

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Looks like a good issue!  I really need to subscribe on my kindle!

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Hmmm.. very interesting... I'll have to hunt down a print copy of this.

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going to check it out on kindle

John Moore
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This is a really nice looking zine! I think I am going to start picking it up now.

It looks really nice, but I fear it would be like all my other subscriptions. They just sit there :(

Really enjoy the articles!  Lots of good things in this issue!  Every gamer should check this out!

Benjamin K.
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It looks good, but I'll be honest, it's just not in my budget...

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Good stuff! I'm going to look for this in stores.

Deborah G
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This looks great. My family and I love playing games. I love finding new games, this is perfect!