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Bezier Games

Get rid of savage werewolves that have taken over your village in Silver and Silver Bullet by Bezier Games. Plus: solo games, adding house rules to your favorite games, print & play games, and Czech Games Edition.

Bézier Games announces a new game series, Opinionated Gamers makes their Spiel des Jahres nominee predictions, Indie Table Top has done a roundup of their favorite roll and write games.

USAopoly has announced a new Harry Potter Game, Gamelyn Games has another Tiny Epic game in the works, Looney Labs will be bringing out two new versions of Fluxx.

Self-dubbed "a party game where close counts," America doesn’t expect you to know all the answers — you just need to have a general idea, or guess that no one else has a clue either.

Cooperation, social deduction, real time, abstract, and micro games all make their way to Kickstarter this month. There’s a little something of everything both in mechanics and theme, with games ranging from fairy tales to stories of survival on the high seas.

Our Big Box O' Games Giveaway is back! Help us celebrate our Summer 2018 release of Casual Game Insider and our 7th year Kickstarter campaign by entering to win these six brand new games.

Four new werewolf-themed games from Bezier Games make 2018 the Year of the Werewolf! Plus: the best cooperative and semi-cooperative games, accessibility for color blind players, the art of winning (and losing), board gaming on a budget, and riding out the storm with North Star Games.

Bezier Games has announced a new One Night game, Board Game Quest has done an Origins recap, and Choose Your Own Adventure: House of Danger is available for pre-order.

Gamewright has a new game out next week, Thames & Kosmos has announced Lost Cities: Rivals, and One Week Ultimate Werewolf hits Kickstarter.

Bézier Games has announced One Week Ultimate Werewolf, Z-Man Games has bought Love Letter, and Passport Game Studios has announced a new dice game.