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CGI#23: The Grimm Forest, Word Games, Spring Cleaning, and Animal Personalities

Battle for control of the ultimate fairy tale in The Grimm Forest.

Plus: new word games for Scrabble lovers (or haters), tips for tidying up your game collection, comparing game acquisition behavior to animal personalities, video games making the switch to cardboard, and Smirk & Dagger's history of backstabbing games and expansion into less aggressive titles.

This issue also features reviews of Sagrada, Pingo Pingo, Photosynthesis, Paramedics: Clear!, Dreams, and Welcome to the Dungeon.

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Spring 2018
Danica Enyart, Dann Albright, Andrew Birkett, Justin Spicer, John L. Carkeet IV, Naomi Laeuchli
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I definitely think I am a squirrel when it comes to my collection.  No wonder I like the Rolling Dice & Taking Names podcast so much!

Marc Nelson Jr.
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We love Welcome to the Dungeon, and are looking forward to adding Welcome Back.

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I really love games.  I have found some fun games from your magazine.

Ruth D
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Lots of great reviews!

Donald Wayman
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Reviews! We can never get enough.

Deejay Fox
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The Grimm Forest is a great family game.
Danielle Bell
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Great reviews!

Very cool! I'm honestly thinking about subscribing.

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Super exited to play the Grimm Forest soon! I should be getting my copy in the mail at some point.

James McFarland
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Don E
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Great Magazine!

Howard Ratner
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As my game collection grows, I look to CGI for even more games!

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I needs dis!
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Grimm Forest on the cover.  Nice one Druid City Games.

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I do enjoy the reviews. Keeps me informed. 

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John Stout
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This makes me even more interested in Grimm Forest.

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Some great looking articles this issue.

Lisa V
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Great magazine for being in the know for gaming.

Mark Marine
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Another great issue ...

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Love the give aways. 

Greg L
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I received the new issue and enjoyed learning about Sagrada. It has been on my want list and my interest only increased after reading the article.

Brad R
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I have heard so much about Grimm Forest and Sagrada so it was great to see your coverage of them.  Keep up the good work guys!

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Love the artwork.

I really like the layout of this magazine better than many others that I've picked up. It isn't overly cluttered or hard to read. It is actually quite well done!

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Curious to learn how one tidies up their games.

Aaron Silverman
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How does Hardback compare with Paperback?

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I love this magazine! Keep up the great work!

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I need to read the spring cleaning magazine. I submitted my shelfie separately. The only reason I have more room for games is because we moved  to a bigger house.

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Heck yeah! 

Uriah Otting
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Really interested in Sagrada.  I look forward to reading the review.

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Love word games and need to tidy my collection - I will definately check this out! 

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Love CGI.  So glad I subscribed.  I look forward to every issue.

Nathan W
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Interesting read. Looks like a publication I may have to check out more often!

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Looks like another excellent issue!

Kel W.
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It's nice to read reviews once in a while rather than just watching them!
Michael Shea
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Thumbs Up!

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Guest wrote:

We love Welcome to the Dungeon, and are looking forward to adding Welcome Back.

Thanks I am always looking for new games that other people have had good times with

Mitchell D
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Grim Forest - Nice.

Joe Nash
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I am looking forward at subscribing to this great content.  Thanks for putting this together!

CE. Wall
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Thanks for all the great fun!
Anthony G
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I dust my games off often so that no one can tell which games never get played

Rachael DeBates
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I love Scrabble!

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I bought the lifetime subscription during their Kickstarter. It's the best!!! So excited to get each issue.

Daniel R.
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Always a great read! Cool cover!

Trey LaCaze
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Awesome, keep it up

Dewayne Agin
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Another great issue!


Stephan Kemper
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I think I've been a monkey, but am becoming a bear.

Aaron B
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I love this magazine. I always read cover to back.